ET Rover’s Unnecessary Land Grab (featuring a cameo ap...

Jul 9, 2014 by

Energy Transfer just can’t seem to make up its mind. Less than a year ago, ET was telling everyone, including federal...

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“Life Amongst the Tar Sands” (Video)

Apr 14, 2014 by

As some of you know, we were fortunate enough to participate in a forum about tar sands oil development in the Great Lakes Region a...

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2013 Year in Review, Final

Jan 3, 2014 by

This week, we’ve been running down the Top Ten Line 6B Citizens’ Blog Posts/Stories of 2013. If you missed it, here is...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Jan 2, 2014 by

While you’re all probably on pins and needles waiting to learn what made the #1 spot on our 2013 Year in Review Top Ten List,...

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Our New Series: Landowner Stories

Sep 8, 2013 by

This week, we’re going to relinquish a little bit of content-control of this blog in order to bring you a new, lengthy series:...

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How NOT to write about Line 6B

Aug 23, 2013 by

As we mentioned earlier today– and discussed earlier this week– Enbridge has suddenly, inexplicably, decided to woo the...

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Enbridge Re-writes Michigan Law

Feb 6, 2013 by

Phase Two Proceedings, Part 3.1 In part 3 of our current series on the MPSC, we told you a little about the career background of...

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