We are property owners in southeast Michigan who will be directly affected by Enbridge as they seek to “replace” miles of Line 6B pipeline. They’re coming right through our yard.

We believe that all of us could/would have benefitted during these negotiations from more communication with our neighbors and other residents who find themselves in similar situations. And while the time for that may be passed (for some of us), we are certain that every one of us will be dealing with Enbridge for months to come as they begin construction and, eventually, restoration.

In addition to providing a clearinghouse for information about the 6B project, we hope this blog will provide a place for concerned residents to swap stories and share resources in the hopes of keeping Enbridge honest. Or, if nothing else, it can be a place to vent as we all watch large chunks of our property get torn apart.

If you care to learn more about how this all started for us, we explain in this video.

If you’d like to tell your story, feel free to reply to any of our posts. Or contact us here if you’d like to post a blog entry.