You would think that with all that’s happened over the past week– the Brandon “workshop” and Enbridge construction activity in Brandon despite the fact that the resolution issue remains unresolved, the dismissal in Oakland County Circuit Court of an Enbridge condemnation suit, and the news that a lawsuit by POLAR will now likely be heard in federal court— there would be a flurry of press coverage to review. But there’s not. We’ll assume that local reporters are still working on these stories.

What we do have is only this: a story in the Battle Creek Enquirer that has to be one of the more credulous reports we’ve seen in quite a long time; and a short one from one of our favorite local reporters, Susan Bromley of the Brandon Citizen, about the Brandon “workshop.” We especially like this sentence:

It appears Enbridge has not conceded to any of the [Township’s] demands, but instead gave extensive explanations as to why the replacement pipeline is various widths at various places.