You think regulatory oversight– owing to indifferent public officials and a toothless Public Service Commission– in Michigan is lax? Well, you should hear about how the Enbridge project is being handled in Indiana. In fact (teaser!), this is a story we’ll be bringing you very soon as part of a whole new series. For now, we’ll just note that Enbridge doesn’t even have to seek approval from the Indiana Utilities Regulatory Commission. The only state agency with any oversight at all that Enbridge has to face is the Department of Environmental Management, which issues permits pertaining to wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas. This is exactly why our friend Nate Pavlovic and the other good people at Save the Dunes have been working so hard.

A public hearing on Enbridge’s application to IDEM has just been scheduled. It will be held on Dec. 18, from 1-4 pm at the LaPorte County Public Library. Nate notes that this meeting represents:

one of the key opportunities to achieve improvements to Enbridge’s plans to construct their new pipeline, including implementation of Independent Environmental Monitors, alternative routing to avoid wetlands and other areas of concern, and ensuring it does not impact endangered species.

If you are able to attend, please do. Raise questions. Express concerns. Meet your fellow citizens and affected landowners. More information about Enbridge’s application is available at the IDEM website.