A couple of interesting news items worthy of your attention:

First, yesterday’s NPR program “Stateside” featured a segment on the use (and perhaps abuse) of eminent domain. And guess what company was the primary subject of the discussion? Our friends Carol Brimhall and Connie Watson are featured in the story. Following the piece is a conversation with attorney Alan Ackerman, who has represented Line 6B landowners. At the end of the piece, Ackerman provides an example of a company that has done things right. Who, you ask? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise given who took the time to talk with us at the Pipeline Safety Trust conference last month.

The second item is an article in the Livingston Daily Press & Argus featuring Connie and Tom Watson— fine, decent, kind, ordinary people. Do they look like a “special interest group” to you? Do they strike you as people who will just “never be happy.”