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Nov 4, 2012 by

Three weeks ago in an ad published in the Detroit Free Press (and elsewhere), Enbridge promised:

over the next four weeks we will use space in this newspaper to share project updates and to address some of [the public’s] questions. . .

And for two weeks, they (sort of) delivered on that promise. That is, they did use space in the newspaper–they just didn’t use it all that well and they didn’t really address any questions. Instead, they gave us more marketing spin and predictable sloganeering.

But what the ads lacked in actual informational value, they more than made up for in instructiveness. We thought the ads pretty effectively demonstrated the disconnect between Enbridge’s words and actions— the same disconnect we’ve been describing for months. And to be honest, we’ve really enjoyed slicing and dicing the ads. They’ve become the highlight of our Sunday mornings of late.

So you can imagine our disappointment when we came home with our Sunday edition of the Freep only to search the paper in vain for this week’s ad. Evidently, Enbridge has abandoned that strategy– which means they only made it two out of the four weeks they promised. We’re still hopeful that they’re just taking a break, perhaps because of this week’s elections. In the meantime, we’ll try to find something else to do with ourselves.

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  1. Linda Klais

    It was in the Detroit News today page 6F, however it was not in the e-edition

  2. Jeff

    Oh. Thank you, Linda. We’ll pick up a copy this afternoon. You saved my Sunday!

  3. Linda Klais

    Jeff, I just checked my paper and it was The Free Press (which included the Enbridge page), normally during the week I get the Detroit News, perhaps on Sunday it’s just one paper , the Press. Why you did not get the Enbridge page, I don’t understad.

    • Jeff

      Okay, now this is sort of freaking me out, Linda. I just checked the Freep I bought again– page 6F, right?– and there’s no ad! I’m flummoxed!

      • Linda Klais

        Yes, I’m looking at it Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012 Page 6F. Huge picture of beautiful landscape with pipe snaking through it. Headlines: Line 6B: ENGINEERED RELIABILITY……Enbridge is replacing segments of its Line 6B pipeline that runs through Michigan and Indiana to ensure the continuted secure supply of energy resources through this key transportation system. Throughout this process, we want you, our neighbors, to know that careful planning is going into engineering and constructing this system.
        These pipeline segments will meet or exceed regulatory requirements with design features including:
        -Increased wall thickness from the current .250 inch to a minimum of .375 and up to .625 inch under wetlands and water crossings.
        -35 remotely controlled electric valves, in addition to valves at pump station sites.
        -Higher strength steel and state of the art fusion bonded epoxy coating to help inhibit external corrosion.

        For specific information…….blah blah, e-mail address


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