“Just write the damn checks!”

Jan 27, 2015 by

Happy 2015, everyone! We’re sorry we’ve been away for a while. Since before the holidays, we’ve been attending to...

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ET Rover Town Hall: Not Much Help

Oct 16, 2014 by

Well, we were able to attend last night’s after all– though we’re not sure it was worth our time. Surprisingly, ET...

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Important Information for ET Rover Landowners

Oct 1, 2014 by

Today in the comments section of one of our posts, a reader reports that ET Rover is or will soon begin making cash offers to...

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Enbridge’s Latest Dirty Trick

Sep 28, 2014 by

Enbridge is up to some dirty tricks. Before we explain, we need to share something positive. A few months back, we had some fairly...

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Very Important Tax Information

Feb 5, 2014 by

As we’ve said many times before, Enbridge just can’t seem to get even the simplest things right. Yesterday, we received...

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Landowner Stories, Pulitzer-style

Sep 16, 2013 by

If you want to see what distinguishes Pulitzer Prize-caliber reporting from what ordinarily passes for journalism, take a look at the...

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“The Enbridge Effect”

Sep 9, 2013 by

Today, we are proud to launch our new series: “Landowner Stories,” which will bring you the reflections of Line 6B...

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Why Enbridge can’t do better, part 1

Jun 27, 2013 by

In an earlier post, we (longwindedly) pondered the question: why can’t Enbridge do better when it comes to cultivating...

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